Arizona Marijuana Patients Society was founded in 2016 by Timothy Cronin, Josh Cronin and William Cronin to assist patients with questions about Medical Marijuana in Arizona. We filed our initiative on 11/16/2016 to amend the current Arizona Medical Marijuana Act to lower the state fee to just $10, add 20 new debilitating conditions, add more dispensaries, change the 25-Mile Rule, allow out-of-state patients to obtain Medical Marijuana from an Arizona dispensary and allow qualifying patient records to be dated from within the past 24 months. We need your help to complete this task. Join us to help our patients in Arizona and make a difference in patient's lives. 


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About Arizona Marijuana Patient Society


  • Adding 20 More Qualifying Conditions 
  • State fee dropped to $10
  • Changing the 25-mile Rule
  • Adding More Dispensaries
  • Allow patients from out-of-state to purchase Marijuana from a state licensed dispensary in Arizona‚Äč
  • Qualifying patients records can be from within that last 24 months with qualifying condition as a diagnosis